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Painting and sculpture

This category presents authors' works of contemporary artists.

All presented works exist in a single copy and are located in different parts of the world.

Painting and sculpture


  • Mher Evoyan, Armenia

    Մհեր Էվոյան in Armenian

    Mher Evoyan was born in 1979 in Kirovakan (now Vanadzor, Armenia).

    Mher Evoyan is a graduate of the Art College after P. Terlemezian in Yerevan.

    He held several personal exhibitions in Armenia, Greece, Russia, France, USA. Took part in numerous group exhibitions in Armenia and Europe.

    Mher Evoyan is a member of Painters' Union of Armenia since 2009.

  • Melik Ghazaryan, Armenia

    Մելիք Ղազարյան in Armenian

    Melik Ghazaryan was born in 1955 in Yerevan, Armenia.

  • Albert Salian, Armenia

    Ալբերտ Սալյան in Armenian

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